HPLC con diodo array (DAD) y Espectrometría de Masas (MS) con Ionización por Electrospray (ESI)(HP-Bruker Esquire 3000)

UMH use rate 190 € / sample (less than 5 samples) and 140 €/ sample  (more than 5 samples)
Use Fee Public Entities 214 € / sample (less than 5 samples) and 158 €/ sample  (more than 5 samples)
Use Fee Private Entities 238 € / sample (less than 5 samples) and 175 €/ sample  (more than 5 samples)
Main applications Analysis and identification of the main compounds ionized sample. Quantification.

Prices are approximate and in each case a specific budget is made depending on the number of compound to be identified and / or quantified.
It will also take into account if it is available is provided by the employer or client. In case you have to buy it, its price is included in the budget.


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