Equipos de Control de Máquinas de Ordeño y Tanques de Frío

Tecnología alimentaria

12 November 2020

Rates Rates:

Control milking machine Basic 150 €/ livestock    + displacement
Complet 215 €/ livestock
Cooling control tank Milking Machine Control Associate 58 €/ livestock + displacement
No Associate 115 €/ livestock + displacement
Washing process control Milking Machine Control Associate 80 €/ livestock + displacement
No Associate 140 €/ livestock

• Measure the vacuum gauge error
• Measurement of the sensitivity of the vacuum regulator.
• Measure actual milking vacuum
• Measurement of the vacuum level in the pump inlet.
• Measuring the Real Book installation.Medida de las posibles Fugas del Regulador.

• Measure any loss of control
• State of the bomb, including:

  • Visual inspection of the state or of the pump belts.
  • Nominal flow rate or pump.
  • Real or flow rate of the pump.

• Measurement of the basic parameters of milking

  • Vacuum or pressure in the system
  • Pulse rate.
  • Relation ship suction / massage

• Visual inspection of all games milking
• Complete review of all buttons
• Custom Report for the farmer

Includes all Basic review services plus:
• Measure the gap between the drops and Pump Unit Final
• Measure the gap between the drops and the Final Regulatory Unit
• Measure vacuum falls between Unit Final and phase B pulse
• Measurement of possible system leaks Milk
• Measurement of leaks in the main vacuum Driving
• Complete review of all milking games:

  • Leaking valves or collectors.
  • Leaking of keys Milk long tubes.
  • Leaking of self-closing valves.
  • Admission to the collectors.


• Complete review of all buttons.

  • Visual inspection of the state of the buttons.
  • Pulse of curves.
  • Pulse of phases.
  • Pulse type
Observations The pack formed equipment, among others, by one pulsografo flowmeter and automatic temperature recorder enable control and supervision of the milking machine (UNE 68061, 1998), cold tanks (UNE 68049, 1982) and the process of the milking machine.


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