Cámara Termográfica FLIR SC660

Cámaras termográficas

12 November 2020

Rates The price of the service depends on the size of the study to be performed: number of thermograms or video footage, conducting laboratory of the Department of Food Technology or foreign and other additional work: image analysis and implementation of function informes.  En these criteria, you can perform a free quote service to the complainant.
Applications  Detection of body temperature rise caused by infection or trauma in humans and animals operation

 Studies eléctricos

 Estudios heat engines and heat insulation.

Observations  The thermographical camera FLIR SC660 is characterized mainly by gathering in one team a thermal resolution of 640×480 pixels, an accuracy of ± 1 ° C or ± 1% (for a temperature range up to 150 ° C and for all ambient temperatures between – 15 and 50 ° C) and thermal sensitivity of 30 mK. The imager has a measuring range of temperatures from -40 to +1500 degrees Celsius, which provides greater security against a possible miscalibration. The operation of the camera can be controlled by a software specially designed for research studies, which can be analyzed with the thermograms also or video sequences captured by the camera.


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