Lector de Fluorescencia en Microplacas BMG, MODELO FLUOSTAR ÓPTIMA.


9 September 2022

UMH use rate 5 €/ hour
Use fee public entities 15 €/ hour
Use fee private entities 50 €/ hour
Main applications The Fluostar Optima can be used for the applications listed below:

1.- Cellular assays (Ca2 +, viability, proliferation, membrane potential …).

2.- Genetic Tests.

3.- Quantification of proteins, DNA, RNA.

4.- Enzymatic activity.

5.- Quantifying ATP.

6.- Immunoassays.


The fluorescence reader to read microplates FluostarOptima 6, 12, 24 and 96 wells with a wavelength range 240-740 nm between fluorescence or time resolved fluorescence with a sensitivity of 0.9 fmol / cell fluorescein. It also allows absorbance readings with a dynamic range of 0-4 OD. It also allows stable and uniform incubation to 45 ° C and stirring (type of movement: orbital double orbital or linear) of the microplates.