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Tecnología alimentaria

12 November 2020

Rates Depend on the magnitude of the study to be performed according to: type and number of tests to be performed and the use of artificial or animal udder vivos.En these criteria, you can perform a free quote service to the complainant.
Applications These devices can be used to test new devices developed by companies manufacturing milking machines before its release. These tests are done by signing contracts with confidentiality clauses.
Observations  The installation of milking farm Miguel Hernández University has a milking equipment installed at low online consumer platforms with 12 games milking (1x12x12) and other Online High with 12 games and milking offers the possibility of being used in the two platforms (2x12x12). Both teams have been assembled by the GEA WestfaliaSurge house. The room has a rapid exit tie front with all the automation required to perform a whole-farm management.


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