Equipos para la Determinación de la Composición Nutritiva de Materias Primas para la Alimentación Animal

Tecnología alimentaria

22 January 2013

Analysis rate A (€/sample) rate B (€/sample) rate C (€/sample)
Ether extract (Soxhlet method) 4 8 9
Protein (Kjeldahl method) 6.50 13 14
Fiber fractions (Van Soest system) 5 10 11
Dry matter 3.5 7 8
Ashes 3.5 7 8
  • Price per sample of each of the fractions are realized.
  • Rate A: UMH staff.
  • Rate B: Other government agencies.
  • Rate C: Private companies.
Main applications

    Determination of ether extract (Soxhlet method).
    Determination of crude protein (Kjeldahl method.
    Determination of crude fiber, neutral detergent fiber (NDF) and acid detergent fiber (ADF), according to Van Soest system.
    Determination of dry matter.


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