RT- PCR Cuantitativa (microplacas de 96 pocillos)


1 February 2021

UMH use rate 6 €/ per 96 well plate €

 5 Film

8 € plate

Use Fee Public Entities 13 + IVA €/ per 96 well plate

10 € + IVA Film

18 € + IVA plate

Use Fee Private Entities 15 + IVA €/ per 96 well plate

10 € + IVA Film

18 € + IVA plate

Main applications Gene expression analysis by chain reaction in real time polymerase (RT-PCR) with TAQMAN probes.
Observations Terms of Service:

1. The applicant must submit:

1) at least 6 mg per gene cDNA that is desired to quantify, 2) TaqMan probe-specific gene that is desired to quantify, 3) TaqMan reaction mixture. If you intend to service managers can acquire the probes and the reaction mixture is billed at cost.

2. Contact the responsible service in case the applicant has only biological samples and also require the extraction of messenger RNA and subsequent reverse transcription to complementary DNA.

3. For each service is billed a film and a plate and the maximum number of samples to be analyzed in each service is 96.

4. Rates reflected above imply that the applicant will be given the number of Ct obtained computer software.

5. In case the applicant requires the analysis and processing of these data to determine the relative expression of specific genes with respect to some of the samples will be an extra charge of 5 € per sample.

6. There will be billable only those tests that are failures caused by problems associated with improper operation of analytical instruments.