Espectrómetro (GRIMM 1109, 3 unidades)

UMH rate 80 €/ hora
Use Fee Public Entities 200 €/hora
Use Fee Private Entities 200 €/ hora
Applications Capable of measuring particle sizes between 0.25 to 32 microns divided into a maximum of 31 channels at a rate of 1.2 L / min. It is portable and can make campo.Monitorización outputs of environmental particles: automatic and continuous measurement in number and environmental masa. Monitorización: PM10, PM2, 5 and PM1 (by international standards).
Observations Measuring principle: Light Scattering láser.Características: 2.4 kg, 24 x 12 x 6 cm and 220V/50Hz.Si battery power or no displacement, mileage and diets is charged if necessary. For long-term measures or use several different devices will be developed budget. 1h minimum charging.