Citómetro de flujo (FACS Aria III)


12 November 2020


UMH rates 127,50 € / hour
Use Fee Public Entities 153,75 € / hour
Use Fee Private Entities 218,75 € / hour
Main applications 

The team to analyze and / or separate individual cells or tissues previously dispersed. Can be separated based on their size, complexity or preferably its fluorescence (due to the presence of fluorescent proteins such as GFP, YFP Tomato, or use of fluorophores bound antibodies). We have 3 lasers: 488 nm (blue laser), 633 (red laser) and 375 (nearUV) and different filters that cover the main applications in cytometry.

Observations For any questions and doubts about the design of the experiment preparation and contact the Technical Team: Antonio J. Caler Email: