Resonancia Magnética de Imagen (Bruker BioSpec 7 Teslas)


UMH use rate Working Hours 38.5 € / hour
Nights: 125 €
Weekends: 187.5 €
Animal studies requiring inhalation anesthesia will be charged a supplement of 10 €
Use Fee Public Entities Business Hours 81€/hour
Nights  250 €
Weekends 312 €
Use Fee Private Entities Business Hours 185€/hour
Nights 375 €
Weekend: 500 €
Applications The main types of service offered by MRI are high-resolution anatomical images spin echo (SE) ​​and gradient echo (GE), heavy images in T1, T2 and proton density, functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), heavy on diffusion images (DWI), maps of apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC), diffusion tensor imaging (DTI), localized in vivo spectroscopy (mono and multivoxel) and infusion heavy images.
Comments Those studies requiring long acquisition times (over 10 h) and which is not necessary continuous monitoring (in vitro samples) special prices will apply as shown in the price list ( Nights and Weekends)


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