Analizador de Óxidos de Nitrógeno (SIR S-5012 NOx)


UMH use rate 40 €/ day

Use Fee Public

100 €/day

Rate Private Entities Use

160 €/ day


Continuously measuring the concentration of nitrogen oxides atmospheric (ambient air).


Measuring principle:  Quimioluminiscencia Periodo Sampling: Continuous (min) in a range of 500 ppb to 20 ppm and flow rate of 0.2 L / min. Características: 18 kg, 59 x 44 x 18 cm and battery power or 220V/50Hz.

If there is displacement, mileage and diets is charged if necessary. For long-term measures or use several different devices will be developed budget.

1h minimum charging


Instrumentación Científica