HPLC Preparativo con Colector de Fracciones Refrigerado (Shimadzu)


UMH rates 1.75 € / hour
Use Fee Public Entities 10 € / hour
Use Fee Private Entities 15 € / hour
Applications Equipment that allows the injection of large sample volumes and subsequent collection of its separate components.

Can separate substances that are present in a sample. This separation allows for a qualitative identification of the components and quantified using standards. The team has a ultraviolet detector and visible. The equipment is usually applied in the field of organic molecules of all types. Phenols, organic acids.

Comments You need the contribution of the columns and mobile phases. The samples must be filtered through 0.45 micron filters. The mobile phase solvents should be HPLC grade. For data analysis the team precios.Ya check offers analytical possibilities, it is suggested to contact the service.


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