The Technical Support Service for Teaching and Research has the objective of assigning support staff to teaching and research tasks at the Miguel Hernández University of Elche, as well as technically supporting the calls for teaching innovation projects, providing solutions and offering service in terms of new emerging technologies in teaching and research, promotion of open standards in free software and hardware, maintenance of various teaching services applied to open standards (OCW, DSPACE, edX) or owners (iTunes, GOUMH) and offer approved services in the catalog of services of the Service of Innovation and Technical Support for teaching and research. In addition, the administration of the YouTube channel is a function of this Service, in everything related to the editing, publication of videos and configuration of the site so that access to the channel is maximized, as well as the resolution of incidents derived from it. Our Service also includes functions of layout of texts in electronic format and management of the different digital platforms for UMH Publishing.

All this is based on a commitment to continuous improvement, adapting to a dynamic teaching and research environment and improving customer service through commitment and efficiency.

That is why the application of quality guidelines established by the governing bodies of the University will be a permanent objective, as well as the fulfillment of the proposed objectives when defining strategies for this service.


Instrumentación Científica