The services provided by the Technical Support Service for Teaching and Research are detailed below:

  1. Carry out studies of teaching support and research needs based on the criteria approved by the Governing Council.
  2. Assign support staff to teaching tasks for the preparation of practices in official first and second cycle degrees and degrees.
  3. Assign research support personnel to the main researchers of Research Projects and Contracts based on the criteria approved by the Governing Council.
  4. Technical advice regarding the necessary preventive maintenance of laboratory instruments and procedures, so as to guarantee their correct operation.
  5. Advice on purchases of consumables, equipment and laboratory instruments.
  6. Management of the occupation and availability of the laboratories.
  7. Collaborate with the Occupational Risk Prevention Service.
  8. Technical management and control of the implementation of the Framework Agreements related to gases, reagents, consumables and small laboratory equipment.
  9. Collaborate with the Environmental Office in the management of the waste generated in the laboratories.
  10. Repair of teaching and research equipment.
  11. Loan of audiovisual material.
  12. Management of the Scientific Instrumentation Service.
  13. Disclosure and promotion of SATDI activities.
  14. Supervision of Radioactive Facilities from non-encapsulated sources.