The main objective of the Technical Support Service for Teaching and Research (SATDI) is to collaborate, through the assignment of qualified technical personnel, in the teaching and research activity carried out at the Miguel Hernández University of Elche. The SATDI provides technical support in teaching and research tasks in the four campuses that make up the University, supporting the different Research Institutes, Departments, Faculties and Schools, this makes it a multidisciplinary service that includes technicians of different profiles with the purpose to attend to the specificities and peculiarities of the different positions they occupy (Mechanical, Electrical / Electronic, Computer Science, Biosanitary, Chemical, Audiovisual, Communication and Fine Arts and Animal Production).

SATDI integrates the Scientific Instrumentation Service (SIC) that helps to optimize the scientific resources available at the University. The SIC provides technical advice on the equipment available to the UMH and coordinates the optimization of its use, making it available to the entire university community, as well as other public or private institutions in order to obtain the maximum performance from the means available to the University and thus enhancing the research activity that takes place there.

The Service has a Repair Workshop from where technicians specialized in electronics, mechanics and informatics collaborate in the maintenance and repair of scientific equipment used in both teaching and research activities. The success of this service has led to an increase in the number of technicians that make it up in order to meet all service requests on the four University campuses.

SATDI collaborates very closely in the implementation, management and supervision of framework agreements in order to optimize the acquisition of reagents, consumables and small equipment from the University’s teaching and research laboratories, as well as packaged gases and cryogenic liquids.

All the objectives of the service are based on the commitment to continuous improvement, adapting to the constant changes in teaching and research and seeking improvement through commitment and efficiency. For this reason, the application of quality guidelines established by the governing bodies of the University will be a permanent objective, as well as the fulfillment of the objectives proposed when defining strategies for this service.