Normas de uso


Applicants undertake services:

– Accept the schedule of public assistance Scientific Instrumentation Service

– Fill out the application found on the website of Service:

– OK, if you exist, the special conditions of sample preparation suggested by the researcher that offer the service, since failure to do so, the service would be canceled.

– Allow the samples prepared according to the requirement of these between 9 and 14 hours in the reception center campus Scientific Instrumentation Service prompted. If the shipment requires special conditions (holding at 4 0 C, -20 0 C, etc..), The person sending the message shall provide the samples in these conditions, indicate well visibly on the outside of the package.

– Accept the priority in processing the samples according to order of arrival.

– In the event that the resulting works of the research team (dissertations, theses, journals …), they decide to appoint the Scientific Instrumentation Service and in order to build an archive, they undertake to deliver to the SIC a copy of the work and failing, a photocopy of the title page and pages that specifies the contribution of this service.

– Pay the fees set for services, which will be made monthly billing.


– In the case of needing a technician Scientific Instrumentation Service for the use of the equipment offered, the researcher bidder agrees to transfer the part of the benefit provided to this service.

– Deliver results within a period not exceeding 10 days