The Technical Support Service for Teaching and Research (SATDI) is intended to support all the Teaching and Research Centers of the Miguel Hernández University of Elche.

The established objectives of this service are the following:

  • Optimization of Human Resources to Support Teaching and Research
  • Plan for teaching and research support needs
  • Annual planning of the availability of spaces in teaching laboratories
  • Manage requests for repairs of teaching and research equipment
  • Management of the Framework Agreement for reagents, consumables and small laboratory equipment
  • Management of the Gas Framework Agreement
  • Control of safety equipment and first aid
  • Loan of resources and audiovisual material
  • Management of radioactive research facilities
  • Attention to requests for the use of equipment from the scientific instrumentation service
  • Status control and proper maintenance of teaching and research equipment
  • Documentation management of PRL (Occupational Risk Prevention)
  • Management of the occupation and availability of teaching laboratories
  • Control of the state of the laboratories / farms / teaching and research workshops
  • Customer Support
  • Collaborate in extraordinary teaching and research activities
  • Update and maintenance in the management of chemical products
  • Improvement and updating of knowledge of service
  • Project positive image of the UMH
  • Adequate waste management
  • Protection of the environment in accordance with UMH environmental objectives
  • Creation of promotional videos


Instrumentación Científica