First Day of coexistence, communication and SATDI dissemination in Altea

Today the SATDI went on a trip. The 1st Day of coexistence, communication and SATDI dissemination was held at the Altea Campus facilities with a resounding success of participation, good turnout and a lot of shared knowledge.

This first year the activity was directed by technicians Josep Galvany, Roc Gomar, Maria Isabel Pérez, Mario Romero, Gabriel Rufete and professor David Vila. During this, a tour of the facilities where the Bachelor of Fine Arts is taught was made. In addition, a series of workshops have been held where our students regularly develop their work and help the students to enhance their skills as artists.

Some of these activities have consisted of: use of chroma for audiovisual creations; painting, drawing and engraving workshop; stone sculpture workshop; photo workshop, casting workshop or 3D scanner.

To conclude the day, an aperitif was held prepared by the Dean’s Office of the Faculty of Fine Arts (whom we thank for their collaboration), with the aim of further strengthening ties and fostering camaraderie within the service. We do not know if Altea’s colleagues will have discovered a Michelangelo or a Frida Kahlo hidden among the service technicians who attended this day. What we do know is that the meeting has generated a lot of SATISFACTION among the attendees, so it promises to be the prelude to many more gatherings to come in the coming years.

Below we leave you a summary of the day in pictures. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did.